ISS supports Across the Pond Veteran’s Park

Donation to Across the Pond Veteran's Park

Ray Kangas, Chairman of Across The Pond Veterans Park, accepts the donation from Robert Buran, President of ISS.

January 2022:
In honor of our company’s Founder, Robert Buran, President, whose hometown is Iron River Wisconsin, ISS has chosen to donate the funds needed by the local Veteran’s Park to place benches along the trail that will connect the memorials for each conflict our military have served and sacrificed fighting. Learn more about Across the Pond Veteran’s Park.


An Iron River native, Robert Buran (Bob or Bobby to his friends and family here), through his company, Information Systems Solutions, Inc. (ISS), has donated the funds needed to place benches along the quarter mile pedestrian trail at the park.  Bob and Linda Houk, CEO of ISS, are both retired career US Air Force officers.  When asked what focus she wants their company to be credited, Linda said that “We support the war-fighter”.  ISS is providing real time information and intelligence to military personnel on the ground. This is accomplished through their company having their employees placed strategically around the world and the ability to deploy technical assistance as needed to accomplish their mission.

Veteran initiatives are a priority with ISS and each year, they donate to veteran causes around the country and have some specific organizations that they will match their employees’ donations.  Linda is a volunteer instructor with the National Veteran Institute for Procurement (  This program teaches veterans how to be entrepreneurs in the Federal marketplace. Bob and Linda are very successful and their impressive accomplishments can be viewed on the company’s website –

The project being funded by ISS is the placement of benches along the trail.  The trail was funded in part by a grant from the Green Bay Packer Foundation and generally referred to as the “Packer Trail” by the Park Board of Directors.  It is for pedestrians and those with personal mobility devices only.  The benches will provide stops along the way for those who need a breather or just to sit and enjoy the natural setting.  This project will be one of the first on the schedule for 2022. Another funded project for the Spring is the installation of the “Vietnam Memorial” that was designed, made and donated by the artist.  The installation for the outdoor sculpture is funded by a grant from the Green Bay Packer Foundation. Plans call for a memorial for each conflict our veterans have served and sacrificed fighting.  These will be done as they are donated and/or funded. A spot in the park is already reserved for each one.

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